Affiliation Rule

Organizational structure of Avicenna - Batumi Medical University

Internationalization Policy

Staff Management Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

The Strategic Development Plan (2023-2029) and the Action Plan (2023-2025)

Procedures for Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of the Scientific - Research Component

Science Research Development Policy

Management Effectiveness Monitoring Rule 

Methodology for Determining the Marginal Number of Students 

The staff code of ethics

The student code of ethics

One-cycle Educational Programme of Medicine - "Medical Doctor"

The Regulation Rule for the Study Process of Avicenna-Batumi Medical University

Regulations for planning, elaborating, approving, implementing, evaluating and developing educational programs

Career support policy for Avicenna - Batumi Medical University students

Strategic Development Plan Elaboration and Performance Monitoring Methodology

Business Process Continuity Policy

Regulations for Academic Honesty Principles

The Regulation of Ethics of Scientific Research

Information Technology management Policy


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