Mission and Vision

The mission of the university is to create a dynamically developing, research and innovation-oriented, intercultural, free educational space that will contribute to promoting public health through spreading knowledge and the latest scientific achievements in response to global and regional challenges; to facilitate the formation of a highly competent, competitive, human health and wellbeing-driven, caring and independent professional who will be adaptive to a changing environment.

 The main vision of Avicenna – Batumi Medical University is to introduce the modern model of medical education which assures the facilitation of welfare, longevity, mental and physical health, and psycho-social harmony of a human being from prevention of disease to rehabilitation.

The university is oriented towards providing future physicians and healthcare specialists with higher education that will meet global healthcare as well as region-specific medical challenges through systemic acknowledgement and complex management of public healthcare or clinical problems.

Operation of the University on the clinical bases of its founder medical institutions (also, all the medical institutions that are founded, run, or owned by Hightech Hospital MedCenter) creates a real opportunity for strengthening each circle of the above chain – from basic education level to professional mastership and continuous teaching.

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