2023 - 2025 Action plan

The Action Plan for 2023 – 2025 of Avicenna – Batumi Medical University

The Action Plan of the University for 2023-2025, approved by the Decree No. 01-07/06 of the Academic Council of "Avicena - Batumi Medical University" LLC, on December 30, 2022 defines the activities to be implemented in the post-establishment stage of the organization. The implementation of the activities determined by the Action Plan is focused on facilitatiting the mandatory procedure for obtaining the status of a higher educational institution and the right to carry out relevant educational activities as well as providing the institution with human and infrastructural resources and promoting the University entry in the heigher education market.

During the initial period of operation, the activities of the University will be conducted in the following directions:

  • Dynamic institutional development tailored to the needs of the country and region;

  • Implementation of international quality researches;

  • Providing employment-oriented, modern standard-compliant, high-quality academic education and gaining knowledge;

  • Internationalization;

  • Expanding the circle of partners;

  • Providing Infrastructure and Student Services Tailored to Teaching

  • Implementation of outcome-oriented management;

  • Active involvement in public activities.

Financing of the planned activities will be provided from the University budget, from the investments of the founding partners and from the income received during the initial period of operation.

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