20 May

Memorandum of Cooperation between Avicenna - Batumi Medical University and University of Medical Science

On May 20, 2024, Avicenna - Batumi Medical University and University of Medical Science (Bialystok, The Republic of Poland), signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to foster collaborations in scientific and academic spheres. The collaboration between parties will be implemented in the following spheres: 

  • Promotion of Joint Research Efforts: This includes the exchange of faculty and research members to facilitate collaborative research projects. 
  • Development of Joint Curriculum: Both institutions will work together to create joint educational programs that benefit students from both universities. 
  • Cooperation in the Field of PhD Programs: Collaboration in PhD programs will enhance research opportunities for students and faculty from both universities. 
  • Exchange of Academic Materials: Sharing academic resources will enrich the learning experience for students and researchers. 
  • Organization of Joint Academic and Scientific Activities: Conferences, seminars, symposia, and congresses will be organized jointly to foster academic exchange and knowledge sharing. 
  • Development of Student Exchange Programs: Facilitating student exchanges will provide opportunities for cultural exchange and learning from different educational systems. 
  • Organization of Joint Educational and Training Activities: Sharing good clinical practice experiences through joint activities will enhance the practical skills of students from both institutions. 
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