Quality Policy

In order to achieve its vision, through the strategic objectives and tasks mapped out in the Strategic Plan, Avicenna  - Batumi Medical University adopts the Quality Policy that alongside the quality assurance standards defines internal and external quality assurance mechanisms, guidelines and procedures in the direction of teaching, research and higher educational institution management. The Policy also determines the quality assurance cycle, determines the periodicity of quality assurance procedures, the parties involved in it, quality assurance tools, and the ways and forms of responding to findings. It creates the necessary legal foundations for transparency, objectivity and stakeholder engagement of quality assurance processes and procedures.

In this sense, Avicenna is committed to:

  • Develop a culture of Quality;

  • Promote the active involvement of (internal and external stakeholders) in the institution's continuous improvement processes;

  • Promote professional development;

  • Plan and implement student-oriented higher education programs;

  • Provide a favorable academic environment.

Objectives of the Policy are as follows:

  • To create united guiding standards in the University in order to facilitate the processes of development, implementation, evaluation and development of student-oriented educational programs;

  • To create an effective internal quality system of educational and administrative processes;

  • To determine the mechanisms of using the feedback of external evaluators to improve the University performance.

The Quality Assurance Policy promotes:

  • Creation and implementation of the quality assurance system at the University;

  • Connection of the educational process with scientific researches;

  • Determining the need for necessary resources and effective management of resources;

  • Active involvement of all members of the University community in quality assurance processes;

  • Analysis and development of the quality assurance system.

The guiding principles of the quality assurance system are based on the following:

  • Customer orientation

  • Leadership

  • Involvement

  • Continuous Development

  • Evidence-Based Decisions

  • Cooperation

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