Rector's address


„It is a great privilege and pleasure to present myself, Sophio Beridze as elected Rector of the recently established institution Avicenna - Batumi Medical University, Georgia.

Our priority is to create an academic environment where future generations of doctors and medical staff will be educated, our best knowledge and skills will be shared and new scientific research will be implemented in the field of medicine and healthcare in order to promote them for regional, national, and international benefits.

 Our motto is “Learn for Life” and the vision is to meet global healthcare, as well as region-specific medical challenges through systemic acknowledgment and complex management of public healthcare or clinical problems.

Our university is operating on the unified platform of a huge holding “Medcenter” which creates a real opportunity to strengthen each circle from basic education level to professional mastership, lifelong learning, and continuous development.

People from Georgia and around the world who choose Avicenna - Batumi Medical University to study medicine and pursue an academic career will become a part of the modern model of medical education which assures facilitation of welfare, longevity, psychic and physical health, psycho-social harmony of a human being from prevention of disease to rehabilitation. The medical treatment of patients will be a priority regardless of their social status, health status, or religious beliefs. Their values will be based on respect for humankind and its’ biocultural diversity.”

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