Regulation of the School of Medicine

The School of Medicine ensures the preparation of University students by offering higher educational programs in the fields of biomedicine, clinical medicine, and public health care and provides them with appropriate qualifications.

The School carries out its activities on the basis of the principle of academic freedom of teaching and learning, academic and medical ethics, the legislation of Georgia, University regulation, the School regulation, and other legal acts of the University.

The basic principles of the School activity are:

  • academic freedom and integrity;
  • teamwork and involvement of academic staff and students in the decision-making process;
  • publicity and transparency of elections and contests;
  • equality, objectivity, and non-discrimination;
  • freedom of speech and support for pluralism of opinions;
  • protection of political and religious neutrality;
  • striving for quality in the educational and research process;
  • social responsibility of the academic community, involvement in measures promoting health and social well-being.


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