Student Self-Governance

In order to implement the student management of the University, involve students widely in the process of making decisions, protect the rights of students and promote their realization as much as possible, the Student Self-Governance Body of the University is established on the basis of direct and equal elections from the students of the University.

The Student Self-Governance Body is independent and conducts its activities in accordance with the framework Regulations established by the University, with the Student Self-Governance Regulations developed and approved by them.

The Student Self-Governance Body is headed by the chairperson of the Student Self-Governance Body, whose election procedure, scope of authority, and term are determined by the framework Regulations of the Student Self-Governance Body.

The chairperson of the Student Self-Governance Body is accountable to the Student Self-Governance Body and the Academic Council of the University in part of the implementation of the plan presented by the Student Self-Governance Body, and in part of the purposeful disposal of the University's finances in accordance with the requirements of the law - to the deputy rector for administration and finances.

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