Internationalization Policy

The main objective of the implementation of the internationalization policy is to integrate the University into the international medical educational space and raise institutional recognition through the internationalization of learning, teaching, and research. 

The main goal of internationalization policy is to facilitate the internationalization of learning, teaching, and research through planning and implementing student and staff international mobility, planning, developing, and implementing joint programs and extra-curricular academic activities.


Objectives of internationalization policy are as follows:

  • to facilitate the integration of University students and staff in educational exchange programs, qualification improvement courses, and professional development trainings so that higher medical education meets both the region-specific medical challenges and global healthcare demands;
  • to invite and involve foreign professors and teachers, field specialists and experts in the process of planning, elaboration, development, and implementation of the programs in the framework of agreement and memorandum of international collaboration between universities;
  • to plan, elaborate, implement, and develop educational programs, scientific-research projects, international conferences, summer schools, international forums, and other academic events;
  • to schedule and organize workshops, conferences, and meetings with the academic and administrative staff from partner institutions in distant, hybrid, and non-distant formats periodically with a view to sharing good clinical practice experiences as well as disseminating knowledge on recent achievements and innovations in the medical area.
  • to promote the University membership process in leading international medical associations and professional organizations in order to build and increase international visibility and recognition of the University.

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