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Avicenna - Batumi Medical University's 2022 Budget Implementation Report

On January 30, 2023, the General Meeting of Partners of Avicenna-Batumi Medical University, LLC approved the University 2022 Budget Implementation Report. The budget of Avicenna-Batumi Medical University, LLC is the basic financial plan that corresponds to the strategic development goals of the University and contributes to successful functioning of the University.

Avicenna-Batumi Medical University, LLC was founded on July 21, 2022. However, the decision to establish the University was made in 2019, and the main investments that covered planning, construction, and equipping the main educational, and administration campus as well as the purchase of some study materials and resources were made in 2019-2022 by the founders. The existing budget from the period of establishment of the University includes those final and urgent measures, which were essential to be implemented on the one hand for the improvement of the educational and material base of the University, and on the other hand, for the implementation of the University management and its preparation for authorization. In the same period, the main educational administration building, which was fully financed by the founders of the University, was put into operation.

Apart from remuneration for the University staff, the expenses for 2022 were allocated for the following:

  • Teaching and laboratory base - for the functioning of the University, the founders handed over clinical bases to the University for joint use, however, the creation of necessary study spaces or study centers for the purpose of theoretical teaching and visualization as well as strengthening own study base, has also become the main priority of the University; For this purpose, appropriate allocations were provided in the budget. In 2022, the total funding for the library resources and teaching-laboratory equipment amounted to 63.8% of the total budget. 
    • Simulators - (38.5% of the budget);

    • Anatomical models - (9.5% of the budget);

    • Laboratory equipment - (8.6% of the budget);

    • Study literature - (7.2% of the budget).

  • Trainings - The University is well aware of the importance of quality teaching, personnel development and knowledge sharing. Accordingly, the strategic development plan (2023-2029 years) determined and envisaged the factors such as to constantly improve the quality of teaching, contribute to staff development, and facilitate experience dissemination. For this purpose, the trainings on the administrative and educational issues were planned and organized, for which the services provided amounted to 6% of the costs.
  • Advertising - some funding was provided by the University for various types of advertising services. The total amount of expenses incurred in this direction made up 3.7% of the implemented budget. The University website, logo, and various advertising banners were prepared with the funding.
  • Purchase of computer equipment - Apart from the basic computer equipment that was handed over to the University by the founder, part of the computer accessories and communication system, computer equipment and accessories were purchased, the costs of which constituted  1.9% of the implemented budget.
  • Other expenses - representation expenses related to the implementation of activities by the University were financed.
  • Additional information: For the formation of the material and technical base of the University, the founders invested in the construction of a new building, which was put into operation at the end of 2022. This is a seven-story building that fully meets the safety and business continuity standards and is adapted to both educational and clinical service systems. An anatomical table was purchased by the founders in 2022 for the formation of the University base (https://www.3bscientific.com/product-manual/Asclepius_Brochure_3B_Scientific_USA_7-224.pdf), the cost of which constituted 164,062 GEL, and it was handed over to the University in 2023 for the implementation of the educational program.

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